We appreciate you taking the time to register your new unit.

  • One warranty and limitation of liability registration per Unit Serial Number (I.E. 4540 with a 810 requires two forms)
  • Warranty policy coverage stated reflects CNH equipment only
  • Please call for warranty questions regarding RBR, Miller, New Leader, etc.

Warranty and Limitation of Liability
Warranty Policy


Please call for specific component coverage details.

All warrantable failures are to be submitted to Heartland Ag’s Warranty Department within 30 days of failure. 

If not submitted prior to deadline, warranty could be denied. 

Warranty statements listed above are descriptive only. Stated warranties are subject to change. Heartland Ag LLC makes no additional warranty expressed or implied. Warranty is strictly limited to the terms and conditions of the manufacturer’s warranty. 

Contact Us

Heartland Ag Warranty Department
1-800-445-9110 or 308-384-1102