Vector 300


The Vector 300 is an industry leading, high clearance applicator that allows an operator to quickly and efficiently spread fertilizer up to 105 feet, and lime up to 60 feet with amazing accuracy. The Vector300 was developed to fill a growing need in the farming industry and to help extend the use of one machine into two seasons (pre-plant and post-plant).

The Vector 300 essentially combines two pieces of equipment into one. We have taken the power and prowess of a floater chassis and combined it with the agility and clearance of a sprayer chassis to offer an “all in one” solution. Until recently, hydrostatically driven machines were the accepted method of achieving height for a spinner attachment. By making the Vector300 mechanically driven, yet offering the clearance of a hydrostatic drive machine, we have created a machine with raw horsepower, capable of carrying a load of up to 10 tons of material; yet still offering height for over-the-top applications.

With the power and strength of a mechanical drive system, true 4×4 capabilities, and superior transport speed; we have created a multi-season machine that gives you the opportunity to make the most on your investment.  In addition, the Vector 300 reliability is without comparison.