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Now you can design your own L4000G4 dry box to suit your needs both now and in the future.

NL MultiBin

The New L4000G4 easily adapts from a fertilizer spreader to a high volume lime spreader or a MultApplier for spreading two products or a MultiBin for spreading up to four products. All L4000G4 dry spreader boxes come with a removable rear end gate to support either a 5’ or 7’ MultApplier insert or MultiBin insert. An add-on MicroBin is available for MultiApplier units to allow up to three different products.

Now you can spread preblended fertilizers up to 100’ and ag lime up to 60’. Add a MultApplier or MultBin insert and simultaneously spread two, three or four different products up to 84’. The New L4000G4 can accurately spread from 75 to 1000 pounds of fertilizer per acre at 15 MPH.

The L4000G4 is available in lengths from 13’ to 14’ and is constructed in your choice of painted 409 stainless steel or unpainted 304 stainless steel.

The L4000G4 comes standard with a 30 inch belt-over-chain (a #3 pintle chain is optional for aggressive lime applications), a swinging inverted “V” to help lessen the heavy loads on the belt and 132 inch fenders.

A high performance hydraulic package is available for heavy lime applications. Other features include new style spinner motors that have a stainless steel shaft sleeve and heavy-duty bearing assembly to extend the life of the motor seals, a new style hydraulic reservoir for improved efficiency and serviceability, a high performance oil cooling system, a new enhanced RAVEN servo valve which resists corrosion and, a pressurized chain oiler system with adjustable spray nozzles and an optional remote switch.

The patented G4 spinner assembly design allows you to cover more trouble-free acres per day than ever before.

For more information about the New L4000G4 combination spinner boxes, contact your local area salesman or give us a call. We can install any one of these boxes on your chassis or a new CASE IH chassis and have you in the field with the best broadcast applicator on the market today.

The L2000 spreader is available for fertilizer and micro nutrients only and comes with a #5 belt.

Heartland Ag has a large inventory of replacement parts for your needs.

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