Montag Manufacturing

Montag Manufacturing has become recognized as one of the most technologically advanced agriculture equipment companies in the dry fertilizer business. From the unique air flow chambers to their low horsepower requirements, Montag units are recognized as being not only the most accurate in row to row applications, but also the most efficient in terms of horsepower required to operate the system.


Montag dry fertilizer units comes in two sizes, 6 and 9 ton. Both come in row outlet sizes of 8, 12, 16, and 24 rows. They also have dual product units in 8 and 12 row models. All of these sizes are available in a high output version for applications that require large amounts of fertilizer (up to 1000lbs per acre at 5 MPH). The standard units can adequately control rates as low as 30 lbs. per acre up to 600 lbs. per acre.


Montag also provides liquid units that mount on the auto steerable carts. These units are cone bottom tanks with standard 2” outlets. They come in 1,200 gallon and 1,700 gallon capacities.