Double Cone Trailer

Double cone 1

Model TDCST double cone trailer. Trailer available with a tube frame with three cylinders, channel frame with three cylinders, or channel frame with a single cylinder. Frame width is 59” overall width is 92”. Overall length of 20’ 6”. GVWR of 7,000lbs. Spindles are 3,500 lbs. This trailer comes with a durable powder coat finish, adjustable clevis hitch, and platform to mount a transfer pump. Tank capacity of (2) 2,500 gallon tanks 15 degree or 30 degree. Optional features are a hose holder, light kit (tube frame only), reflector tape, 15” x 8” 6-bolt wheel, 15” x 10” 6-bolt wheel, 11L x 15 implement tires, 12.5L x 15 implement tires, 2 or 3 cylinder lift.

See brochure for more details.

NH3 Applicators – (Iowa Store Only)

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These bars are available from 32’ to 60’. The bar is constructed with 6” high x 4” wide x 3/8” thick tubing. Transport width of 20’ and transport height of 13’ 10”. The come with a combo single and dual front hitch. Also includes a telescoping rear hitch that swings right or left. Walking axles with 12.5L x 15” tires on 8-bolt wheels on the main frame. Comes with a 5- year frame warranty. Bars are equipped with flashing and warning lights. Other options available are 20”, 22”, or 24” coulters. 18” spring loaded or free-floating double disc sealers. Raven Accu-Flow kits with one or two coolers, and multi-section control. Raven Injection systems, 2nd break-away coupler, and even distribution manifolds.

See brochure for more details.

NH3 Wagons

GN2900WGB & B offers a long line of NH3 gears that will fit almost anyone’s needs. All gears are powder coated and built to last. This line of NH3 gears offers gears to fit single 1000 gallon nh3 tanks, and single 1,450 gallon nh3 tanks. They also offer models that will take dual 1,000 gallon tanks as well as dual 1,450 gallon nh3 tanks. To top off the line they also offer gears to fit single 2,000 and single 3,000 gallon tanks.

Features include: Single or dual rear axles, Demco heavy-duty retractable tongue, I-beam construction, 8 on 8 wheels, flotation or highway tires, heavy duty spindles, surge brakes, ½” fifth wheel plate, laser cut formed & welded gooseneck, lights, reflector tape, 100” track (standard), 120” track (optional), rear hitch, plumbing to front of trailer, and expanded metal fill platform on both sides.

See brochures on each model for exact specs.

Nurse Tanks


This is a line of very heavy duty, well built, nurse tank trailers. Available with center drain of end drain tanks. Trailers will adapt to tank sizes of 1000, 1685, and 2000 gallon end drain tanks. Center drain tank sizes of 1025, 1615, and 2015 gallon. Trailers come equipped with a heavy top wind jack and adjustable front clevis. Trailers all have a durable powder coat finish, and are available with either flotation or road-ready tires. Other optional features are fenders, lights, surge brakes, 12” x 12” fill step, and 4’ platform deck. You can also get these trailers equipped with a chemical inductor, and plumbing packages with choice of transfer pump.

See brochure for more details.


bb_sphereUnique sphere trailer with 1050 gallon round tank. Caddy main frame is a 2” x 6” tube with 14,000 lbs GVWR. Axle is a 7,000 lb. Dexter EX lube axle with slipper spring. Trailer is equipped with a top wind 15” travel 2,000 lb. jack. Also comes with an adjustable height clevis. The frame width is 59” with an overall width of 88” outside of the tires. The trailer overall length is 15’. Other optional features are a hose holder, light kit, reflector tape, 15” x 8” 6-bolt wheels, 11L x 15 implement tires, 12.5L X 15 implement tires, and ladder.

Spray Trailers

bb_sprayertrailerThese sprayer trailer are offered in pull-type with 14,000, 16,000, 18,000, 20,000, 24,000, 30,000, 40,000, and 45,000 GVW. Also offer a semi style trailer with a 45,000 GVW as well as a 45,000 GVW drive-over sprayer trailer. All trailer are powder coated and are built with quality to last.

See brochures for more specific specs for each make and model.

Tender Trailers

bb_tendertrailersDry tender trailer that is built to haul, and built to last. Trailer is powder coat-black: prepped, bead blasted and acid washed. Frame length lower deck is 25’ or 34 ‘with 11’ upper deck. Frame width is 39’. Frame is I-beam; I-beams fifth wheel. Trailer capacity is 45,000 GVWR. This trailer is equipped with (2) 22,500 lb. oil bath heavy duty axles with anti-lock air brakes with automatic slack adjusters and park brake. Third axle is optional. Trailer lighting is DOT approved and all sealed and rubber mounted. Other features are mud flaps and reflector tape.

See brochure more details.