Bumper Hitches

Brute II by Ag SystemsThe Hardest Working Bumper Hitch Money Can Buy.

The Brute II is a complete wrap-around style bumper, that protects the rear quarter panels. Available in white or chrome, it adds a finishing touch to any pickup truck.


  • agsystems_brute-bumper-hitchSuper strong one piece hitch features a two way drawbar that easily swings 15″ from side to side, and extends up to 6″ for convenient hook ups.
  • Durable safety lock prevents swivel or extension during transport, Unlocking allows easy telescoping and swivel.
  • Two massive colt springs are aligned on a 1.5″ solid steel shaft to absorb shock in both directions.

The AG-5 is designed to withstand all the rigorous hauling tasks of any pickup truck. All AG-5 bumpers have a tough, white powder coat finish, and all the sturdy Brute construction features.